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I’m not a politician. I’m a cattle farmer, a businessman, a father and grandfather, and a seventh generation Tennessean. At my company, I work with electricians, pipe fitters, and plumbers. I’ve spent a good part of my life doing what I can to make life better for them, and now I’d like to try to make life a little better for six and a half million Tennesseans.

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Where Bill Stands


  • Cut taxes for small businesses and paused grocery taxes during record inflation
  • Issued a 90-day freeze on new government regulations
  • Signed the Adoption and Religious Freedom Act to ensure private agencies are protected

Public Safety

  • Expanded Tennessean’s 2nd Amendment rights with Constitutional Carry
  • Expanded treatment and rehabilitation to ensure incarcerated individuals do not re-commit crimes
  • Reduced law enforcement shortages with aggressive out-of-state recruiting
  • Established a $100 million violent crime intervention program
  • Strengthened penalties against drug traffickers, human traffickers, and criminals who commit gun crimes
  • Deployed Tennessee National Guard to the Southwest Border to stop illegal crossings and drug trafficking


  • Passed the strongest pro-life laws in the country, including the Heartbeat Bill
  • Expanded maternal health and postpartum coverage for TennCare recipients
  • Launched TN Fosters Hope to secure permanent homes for kids in foster care
  • Reformed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


  • Reformed a 30-year-old funding approach to fund students, not bureaucracies
  • Expanded access to career and technical training for middle and high school students
  • Established the Future Workforce Initiative to ensure students have access to STEM educational opportunities
  • Banned CommonCore from all Tennessee schools
  • Put phonics back in the classroom


  • Tennessee unemployment is at the lowest rate in Tennessee history
  • Nearly 70,000 jobs added to Tennessee’s economy since 2019
  • Raised teacher pay to the highest level and closed bureaucratic loopholes to ensure a teacher raise is a teacher raise
  • Secured Ford Motor Company on the Megasite of West Tennessee, marking the largest private sector investment in Tennessee history
  • Doubled investments and expanded private sector partnerships to bring high-speed broadband to underserved areas

American Exceptionalism

  • Established high-quality civics education in public schools, including a required civics exam in high school
  • Established the University of Tennessee Institute of American Civics
  • Shut down the Chinese Communist Party’s Confucius Institutes at public universities